Recap of #SitNL 2018

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Why come to #sitNL?

Get Inspired

There will be many interesting sessions on SAP related technology and trends.

Meet New Faces

The entire Dutch SAP community is there! And even folks from surrounding countries are joining us.

Fresh Tech Insights

With fresh content! Exactly the reason why we always organise #sitNL right after SAP TechEd


Meet your peers and have a conversation. Share insights and opinions.

Experience center

SAP is celebrating the opening of the Experience Center. Needless to say that attendees will get a nice tour and that we're going to turn this into a party.

Free Swags

There will be special, one-of-a-kind swag for our speakers and participants.

About This Event

Grass-roots SAP community event

The SAP Inside Track Netherlands is a community organized event where SAP Community Network members come together to share knowledge, expertise and network. Anyone can pick up the microphone on any SAP related topic

What you will learn?

We have 2 technology tracks and one BI track, all full of experience from SAP TechEd. But you will also find sessions from speakers that share a good amount of experience with SAP related technology in their day-to-day jobs. Meet the speakers afterwards to ask in depth questions.

What are the benefits?

It doesn't matter whether you have been at SAP TechEd or not, you will definitely find new content and points of view here. Expect to bring back a good amount of knowledge and make sure your sunday is free to be able to digest everything you've seen and learned at #sitNL.

SAP Nederland office

Amerikastraat 10, 's Hertogenbosch

November 23rd, 2019

09:00 AM – 18:00 PM

100 Available Seats

Hurryup! few tickets are left

Free Lunch, Snacks and Dinner

Don’t miss it

Master classes - Nov 22, 2019

As part of the pre-conference activities, we have two splendid master classes available, to be conducted on the Friday afternoon (22 Nov) before #sitNL.
If you want to get your hands dirty with the latest and greatest that has just been announced at SAP TechEd, this is a must go-to activity!
Please note that separate registration is required.

Build your own chatbot with SAP Conversational AI

As one of the two pre-sitNL masterclasses, you are invited to join us for a hands-on session on Chatbots with AI. We start with a short theory session to get you inspired and steamed-up for the hands-on session. Or better said; 'hands-off' considering the topic?

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Cloud Application Programming model

If you're interested in SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, join us in this masterclass session to see an end-to-end scenario where you'll get to see how different technologies integrate and work together while building your solution.

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Event Schedule

All about the amazing brand new location where we are just now.

A flyover on the announcements and important topics of the TechEd in Vegas and Barcelona

Core Data Services is already a few years available. Unfortunately, it is not used extensively yet. In 30 minutes I would like to present some highlights: What is CDS, what is possible with CDS and how do you generate a Fiori front-end from richly annotated CDS.

Everyone is somehow involved in a community e.g. a sports club, neighborhood, a fan club, etc. Why are you part of these communities? The SAP Community offers a wide range of involvement and engagement opportunities. Join this session and find out what the SAP Community is, how to get part of it and how to actively contribute. After all, bringing people together, is what community is all about.

OpenSIT is an effort to make all sessions recorded at SAP Inside Tracks worldwide accessible at a single place. I'm going to introduce the project, its current state and how it has been implemented.

Overall update about S/4HANA: adoption, roadmap, cloud vs on prem, new functionality, etc.

Something to make your life as a UI5 dev just that little bit easier.

Target audience: UI5 and HANA XS developers.

All about the amazing brand new location where we are just now.

A flyover on the announcements and important topics of the TechEd in Vegas and Barcelona

Cloud Native Development isn’t a no brainer. There are various languages and tools you can choose from, but it doesn’t necessarily make your life easier. The SAP Cloud Application Programming (CAP) Model is supposed to ease application development in the SAP ecosphere rapidly. An introduction into the concept of CAP with less slides, more live coding.

A session about what you can do with the SAP Cloud SDK and the CAPM. Some live coding, some examples and lessons learned while utilising it to build new Applications on the Cloud Foundry stack.

Showcasing the capabilities of iRPA; the way it can be used in combination with machine learning, allowing for transformation of menial repetitive tasks into efficiently run solutions fully performed by bots.

In this session we will guide you through what it means to create a chatbot, how the architecture would look like and including an demo of using the platform.

Hear about the Design 2 Operate (D2O) process and the usage of X-data (experience data) with Qualtrics to improve the product design and increase final value of the product. It includes details on the D2O process steps and shows how you can work with experience data with combination of operative data (X+O).

This session will deep dive into Blockchain, specifically Hyperledger Fabric. We’ll show a case where we used different technologies in an end-to-end solution related to Microgrids: IoT, Hyperledger Fabric, Fiori & S/4 HANA.

All about the amazing brand new location where we are just now.

A flyover on the announcements and important topics of the TechEd in Vegas and Barcelona

All the BI news you can digest in 40 minutes!

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP BW/4HANA

There is a lot of information about BW/4HANA migration but sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. In this session, Jan van Ansem will share some lessons learned based on various green field and accelerated green field implementations of BW/4HANA 1.0 and 2.0. The session will focus specifically on the Prepare and Explore phases of SAP's Activate methodology for BW/4HANA migration and will include some live demos.

In this session I will go into more details about how to integrate SAP Analytics Cloud into your existing IT landscape.

Leaseplan is an organisation who Leases cars to customers from private persons to large organisations. They have local organisations in 32 countries. Corporate office wants all countries to steer on KPI's and report back on those. Using Lumira designer we made dashboards that allow personal configuration of dashboards, going through the tree of KPI drivers, do deep dive analysis and give freedom to navigate through the raw data. In this session I will tell how the project to make this happen is set up, what the challenges were to make it happen and how you can use Lumira scripting to make fully configurable dashboards that show the KPI's organized in a way aligned with how the local organization is run.

Ask Question?

Who is this event for?
For SAP enthusiasts (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge. If you plan to visit SAP TechEd, please share your thoughts and vision with us. Or if you have an interesting story to tell regarding SAP Technology - you're more than welcome.
What should I wear?
The event is planned on a Saturday and most of us are wearing the same clothes as they would usually wear on a Saturday. Casual will be good, but anything you feel comfortable in. And no, there's no contest for best/worst/weirdest dressed person.
What is the official Twitter hashtag?
It's almost impossible to miss our hashtag. But just in case... It's #sitNL.
What is the Experience Center?
The experience center is SAP's way to get customer inspired to create business value with innovation. Here, digital transformation becomes real. The experience center has several inspirational spaces with their very own purpose. During #sitNL you will learn how the SAP experience center will inspire customers.
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Any tips to take into account?
  • Bring a good mood 😀
  • Dress casual
  • Be awesome
I want to sleep with you
Wait... what? Oh, you mean you're looking for the nearest hotel? That would probably be the Fletcher hotel, just at the other side of the highway. Here's a link: Fletcher hotel.
Who organises the SAP Inside Track Netherlands
The 2019 edition of the SAP Inside Track is organised by Twan van den Broek, Jan Penninkhof, Ronald Konijnenburg, Wim Snoep, Tamas Szirtes and Fred Verheul.
Will there be a pre-conference?
Yes! Just like each year, we're organizing a pre-conference for the folks that already arrive the day before, or just want to pick up some additional skills. The master classes will take place in the afternoon of the 9th of november. Have a look at what classes are available here. Please note that separate registration is required.



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Our conference is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any conference venue, including talks, workshops, parties, Twitter and other online media. Conference participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference without a refund at the discretion of the conference organisers.

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